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Marketing Strategy​


Marketing Strategy

We get it. Business owners have a lot on their plate, left with little to no time or energy to spend on strategic marketing for their business. Top it off with constantly updating algorithms, changing customer habits and evolving technologies, it can be challenging for many to figure out the most effective marketing strategies that will deliver the best ROI.


Website Strategy

A good web design is more than just flashy pictures and an “About Us” page. It’s about how you communicate your brand to the world. This is your chance to show off your products or services, tell your brand story and most importantly capture mindshare to convert leads.

Website Strategy​


We Are Creative Marketing + Design Solutions.

Using the latest marketing innovations and digital technologies, the consulting team at iworks Media manages everything behind-the-scenes to create a fully customizable strategy so you can finally experience real business growth. Whether you’re a small, local shop or a large, world-wide corporation, we'll calculate the precise formula you need to strengthen and expand your brand.


Media Buying & Planning Services

Not every company is in the right position to make use of a strategy consultant. The best fits for iWorks Media — where we are consistently able to add significant value — include companies in these situations:

  • We use a variety of criteria when choosing media for clients. Factors such as lifestyle, income, education, current events, as well as viewing and/or listening data from Arbitron and Nielsen are all taken into account.
  • Analysis is one of the most important pieces in the media puzzle.
  • Whether building your brand or sales, out-of-home (also known as outdoor) media provides an opportunity to get your message delivered to a large audience.
  • Media buying is a sub function of advertising campaign management


Social Engagement Strategy

Social media instead demands a symbiotic relationship between brands and their fans. You will only drive results from social media when your fans truly like you, identify with the values you project, and derive value from the content you publish.

  • When you work on shaping a distinct brand identity to influence your audience via social media, you first need to know what they think about you now
  • Talking up your brand on social media is good, but getting important people talking about it piques your audience’s interest and takes your brand visibility (and eventually acceptance) to a new level.
  • Getting face to face or screen to screen with users in real time is an option that no marketing platform other than social media offers.
  • Satisfy your audience’s competitive spirit by featuring compelling incentives in your promotions.